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  • Draw Date : 2014-06-21 20:40:00 GMT
  • Draw results :
  • Date of the next draw : 2014-06-25 20:40:00 GMT
  • Jackpot for the next draw : UAH₴ 4,000,000
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The main

Lottery name: Ukraine Lottery – Super Lotto
Drawing: UAH₴ 4,000,000
Accept Americans: No
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Full Lottery Review

Лотерейная индустрия Украины сейчас переживает период небывалого расцвета. Two major operators (UNL and MSL) can offer you entertainment for every taste.

Lotteries range from the classic KENO to the simple Troika Lotto, where the task is to guess only three numbers.

For those, who is in a hurry to find out the result instantly, there are special scratch lotteries, where you just need to remove the protective layer from the ticket.

However, the leading positions are confidently held by digital lotteries. For example, Superlotto boasts the largest winnings in the history of Ukrainian lotteries.

In particular, biggest jackpot, which was played in Superloto, составил 15 200 000 грн.!

To participate in the game, you are asked to choose 6 rooms, which you must mark on the ticket, and then register your bet.

Радует доступность этой лотереи, because you can play it in the network of payment kiosks, points of sale, marked with the UNL logo, as well as via the Internet or directly from your mobile!

The broadcast of the draws itself is held twice a week., on Wednesdays and Saturdays. She can be seen in 22.50 on channel UT-1.

A special lottery drum is loaded 52 ball, and if 6 the drawn numbers match the numbers of your bet, then you become the lucky winner of the jackpot!

All this sounds very tempting ... However, today, thanks to the development of digital technologies, you no longer need to be limited only to geographically accessible lotteries!

Now you can make your own choice, not looking only at those tickets, which you can buy at kiosks in your city.

For example, with the help of the Internet you can easily become a member of the American lottery Megamillions, whose hobby has long swept the United States and managed to win her immense popularity!

Для того чтобы сорвать джекпот в Мегамиллионах вам необходимо угадать лишь шесть цифр. Moreover, you can multiply your winnings using a special option.

Thanks to the large number of players, Megamillions boast huge jackpots. So, for example, record jackpot, the size of 656 million dollars!

Choose, sure, only you have to. One should only remember, that now your choice is completely unlimited, and you have the right to choose both from the list of familiar local lotteries, and among a wide range of the most popular European!

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Ukraine – Super Lotto

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