Hungarian lottery otoslotto

Login to Stoloto's personal account

In the same form, you can go to your Stoloto personal account using your account, tied to one of 6 social networks.

Let's consider each in more detail

Login with your Odnoklassniki account

Click on the Odnoklassniki icon in the general list

If you have not logged in to Ok yet, the following window will appear

You need to login or register an account, after that a window will open

Нажимаете “Разрешить” после этого снова откроется страница

Login with your Vkontakte account

Click on the corresponding icon from the list

If your account was not active, the following window will appear.

After registering or activating a VK account or if it was already active, you will be taken to this page.

Check your details and click allow, после этого снова откроется страница

Sign in with your Twitter account

Click on the blue button with a bird and if you are not logged in to Twitter, you get into the window

Enter your data or register, after that the window becomes available

Confirm registration by clicking "Authorize", после этого снова откроется страница

Login with your Facebook account

Нажмите на иконку Facebook из списка соцсетей

When, if your account is not active, then such a window will appear

You need to log into your account or register, after that such a window will appear, it will also appear immediately if the Facebook account was active.

Нажимаете “продолжить как …” после этого снова откроется страница

Login with Yandex account

To register using a Yandex account, you must click on the corresponding icon in the list

A window will open with the ability to register in Yandex.

После этого можно подтвердить регистрации в кабинете Столото нажав “Разрешить”

После этого снова откроется страница

Login with your My World account

To register with the help of My World, you must click on this icon

After that, the registration window in My World will open.

After registration or if you were active in My World, a window will open.

Нажимаете “Разрешить” после этого снова откроется страница

After a successful login, on the left, the user sees the name, specified during registration, account balances: bonus and game. At the top of the personal account on the official website of Stolotoru there is information on finance, available in the wallet, accrued bonuses and received by promotional codes. On the main page of the site there is a lottery supermarket in Stoloto's personal account..

Under the financial information are located 9 fields with various useful information. Such design changes were made not so long ago.. As a result, the new version of Stoloto's personal account is now logged into. As indicated on the website of the organization, work on this is not over. Developers continue to improve the design and capabilities of the user page. maybe, that it will soon become even more convenient to enter the Stoloto personal account of the new version.

Below is a description of the main components of this cabinet..

Site functionality

Registration of a personal account on the Stoloto portal provides users with access to such opportunities:

  • buy lottery tickets, which are implemented on the site;
  • deposit funds to a personal account, using a bank card or electronic wallets;
  • receive bonuses for purchasing new tickets;
  • check the results of the lottery draws carried out;
  • get acquainted with the statistics of winnings, many in this way form their theory;
  • learn about the news of the organization and companies of related areas;
  • choose suitable lotteries.

Very popular section, where the rules for participation in lotteries are described. After reviewing them, you can not only enjoy participating in the next draw, but also increase the chance of getting a win.

Hungarian lottery otoslotto

My tickets

To enter "My tickets" in your Stoloto personal account, click on the link of the same name. This includes, to check the ticket in Stoloto's personal account. If they were not previously purchased, then you can buy a Stoloto ticket via the Internet in your personal account here. When clicking on the button "Buy right now" the user will be presented with tickets of various lotteries, each of which will have its own Buy button, by clicking on which the user will be taken to the circulation page, from which he can learn:

  • on the rules of drawing;
  • information about the lottery and its organizers;
  • check tickets;
  • find out the names of the winners;
  • view archive of past runs;
  • places of purchase of real tickets.

How to play on mobile phones

Mobile version of the site

Playing the Stoloto lottery has never been easier. The user has two options - to play in the mobile version of the site or in the application

The mobile version is very convenient, made in a laconic design, where there is nothing superfluous, what can distract attention or interfere with viewing on the small screen of the gadget. At the same time, the mobile version of the resource has a very convenient menu.

Left on the page icon, clicking on which you can open a list of all possible sections of the resource - from personal account to contacts and news. This version is considered by many to be even more convenient., than the main.

There is a support service icon on the right of the page - possible options are to write a letter, contact online consultants, call the call center, use the channel in Telegram messengers, Votsap.

At the bottom of the page - the rules of all lotteries and links to their pages, a button to buy a ticket and a link to the main version of the site. It's simple, intuitive, succinctly.

Mobile applications for Android / IOS

Stoloto has applications for the Android operating system, and for Apple gadgets. You can download the programs on the official website of the lottery operator, it's free, files are lightweight and install within minutes. The application interface is almost the same, like a mobile site. Left menu, drop-down when you click on the "three stripes", right chat and filter, in the center - banners of the most popular lotteries. There are broadcasts of draws in the applications, winnings are reported by push notifications, especially suspicious clients of Stoloto can quickly check their ticket in a special section. It is seen, that the developers have made an effort to, to make programs as easy to use and useful for users as possible. The interface is intuitive, it is convenient to pay for tickets, winnings can be immediately withdrawn to your personal deposit, and from there to a bank card, mobile account or e-wallet.

How to get your winnings?

If you play the instant lottery, then the winnings are credited to your account in your Stoloto personal account or they will be given to you in cash at the point of sale, if you bought a paper ticket

note, that in different retail outlets for the sale of coupons there are different limits on the payment of cash prizes. For example, at the official Stoloto ground station, you can instantly get up to 20 000 rub., and all, what is above and before 599 999 rub

paid to the client by prior arrangement and after agreeing on the schedule. The same applies to winnings in drawn lotteries..

Winnings of up to half a million rubles can be transferred to a personal wallet in the Stoloto system, where this money can be withdrawn in a convenient way for you, for example, to a bank card. All prizes are greater 600 000 paid by the operator in a non-cash way when the client visits the company's office. Also, the player has the opportunity to receive a prize by crediting money to a personal bank account.. To do this, you need to send a set of documents to the company's office by regular or express mail..

Large wins in the amount of 10 000 000 rubles are paid only after full verification and examination of the coupon. To start this procedure, you need to submit an application on the website of the Stoloto operator.

Stoloto mobile office

For gaming owners of gadgets, a mobile version of Stoloto's personal account was developed. Its purpose is to play. This version can be used by users with different speeds of access to the global network., because. it is as light as possible. A mobile version of Stoloto's personal account is available on the official website.

Here you can also log into your personal account of the Stoloto lottery, check tickets for winning. This version provides for the opportunity to receive a win in your Stoloto personal account. In it, you can also register in your personal account on the official website of Stoloto. But you need to consider, that it is simple and does not include all the features of the official website. The full version of the personal account is located on the official website of Stoloto.

On, some menu items of the personal account and partially other menu items from the official website are located in the left side panel.

In addition to this version of the site, users of mobile gadgets have the opportunity to install an application for devices based on Android or iOS. Using them, can, figuratively speaking, download Stoloto's personal account.

Checking tickets

This is a necessary procedure., which is held after the draw. First, to check the results of the game, you need to enter the personal account page. Then you can use one of two verification methods - using a combination or an official number.

To check the results of the drawing, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. In the opened form, register the number of the draw.
  2. Select the category of the played game.
  3. Click on the "Continue" button.

To view the number of the drawn draw, it is necessary to enter the sub-item "Acquisitions". Here information is indicated immediately after purchase. When buying a paper version of a lottery ticket, the drawing number can be viewed in its upper half.

Hungarian lottery otoslotto

Login to your personal account

To log in to your personal profile, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Click on the "Enter" button on the main page of the official Stoloto portal
  2. In the form that opens, fill in the appropriate lines, specifying login and password details in them.
  3. If you lose your password or you are unable to log in to the system using it, it is recommended to use the link “Forgot your password?». To the email address, specified during the registration procedure, a letter will come, containing a link with instructions for restoring access.

You can log in to your personal Stoloto account not only through a computer, but also with a smartphone. The entrance is carried out in the traditional way - from the main page of the site. The organization has recently developed a new version of the mobile application, which allows you to use a code with a login to enter.

Change of contact information in the personal profile

Worth noting, that the independent change of the phone number is not available. This is explained by the, that it is tied to an active wallet, used to conduct transactions through the profile. Changing your phone entails registering a new account.

You can change your email address through your account. To do this, you need to enter the site and perform the following actions:

  1. On the main page of the profile go to the section "Profile".
  2. In the page that opens, select the sub-item "Email".
  3. Click on the "Change" button located near the inscription.
  4. Enter a new email address.

When all actions have been completed, it is required to save changes in the personal Stoloto account and change the password. After that, you can continue to participate in the drawings of bonuses and prizes on the site.

Withdrawal of winnings

There are two ways to obtain data on the money winnings.:

  • In the form of an SMS message to a phone number, specified during the registration procedure.
  • When self-checking the results of the draw on the site.

The winnings are automatically credited to the owner's balance in the individual electronic wallet. To receive the money won, you need to go to the "Get money" tab.

In accordance with the rules of the Stoloto site, no more can be credited to the user's account at a time 100 000 rubles. In case of a significant excess of the winnings in size, you can receive money exclusively in a specialized center or at a point selling lottery tickets. You must first notify the seller about, that your ticket has become a winner.

How the draws are held and what can be won?

Drawings of different lotteries take place at different times and on different days. Some draws have to wait several days, others are held at intervals 15 minutes or several times a day. But the scenario is always the same. First, the size of the prize fund is determined, depending on whether, how many tickets were purchased for a specific print run. Then balls / barrels with numbers are loaded into the lottery drum in accordance with the protocol and rules of a particular game. After that, balls start to fall out., the presenter announces the numbers.

The procedure takes 15-20 minutes and is carried out under the supervision of a special commission, which at the end signs the protocol, confirming the legality of the drawing procedure. Spectators are often present in the hall., who also monitor the progress of the lottery.

All this action is televised (on the NTV channel) and / or online - on the website of the Stoloto company. If you miss a live broadcast, you can always find a record of the drawing in the archive or on the YouTube website.

What can you win in the Stoloto lottery? The first category is cash prizes from 20 rubles to 1 000 000 000, what happened during the January Russian Lotto draw. Second category - material prizes - cars, cottages, at home, cottages, vouchers, etc., it all depends on the terms and conditions of a particular lottery.

Buying tickets

Using a registered personal account on the Stoloto portal, you can purchase lottery tickets, related to this game service.

Buying tickets will not take a lot of time. You need to select the required lottery draw and click on the "Buy" button. The system will redirect the user to the page for paying for the purchased lottery.

You can pay for services in different ways. The user of his personal account can choose the most suitable method. Often, account holders use a mobile account to make a payment for a purchased lottery ticket, electronic wallets or bank cards. Worth noting, that a one-time purchase is limited. This is due to the status of the user and the performance of the required authentication.

Hungarian lottery otoslotto

Bonus policy

The bonus policy of the Stoloto lottery operator is very loyal to customers. Bonus program has started 5 years ago, within its framework, there are two types of bonuses - regular and special. Regular bonuses are conditional currency, which has a course against the real ruble. They can be spent on buying "free" lottery tickets and participating in potentially lucrative bonus games. Special points are points, each of which makes it possible to pay one minimum lottery bet in a particular Stoloto game.

Also on the Stoloto website there is:

  • Promotions - "Invite a friend" (operates constantly) other, timed to some kind of holiday or solemn event.
  • Loyalty program of the operator Stoloto "Closed premium club". Anyone can enter the club, who buys lottery tickets regularly. Benefits of participation - providing a personal consultant, the ability to manage your personal account, increased limits on automatic payments, etc..
  • Personal rewards for achieving certain results - for paying the coupon with bonuses, for a multi-issue coupon, etc.. Rewards do not bring any benefit - they are just stickers in your personal account, which can be shared with friends on social networks. Just a nice little thing from the developers of the Stoloto website.
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