El Gordo de Navidad 2018, results and details

El Gordo de Navidad 2018, results and details - timelottery

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Гослото лохотрон не платит.

Many withdrawing this delirium, they will say cool! On your ticket 3 coincidences + combination “PYRAMID” Your winnings amounted to 182 700 RUBLES! I see this every day, and that's not cool, this is a pure divorce for money.
Scammers write “Payment to card – Payment of duty required. The duty on your winnings was: 380 rubles. Post office – From 3 to 15 days. Cost of delivery 1500 rubles. Office not available, because scammers only dream about it” and who got the money? No one! Money so easy cannot be obtained “all at once” doing in a few minutes (nothing).

Don't believe (Online chat) there robots write texts, which were planned in advance. They demand 380 rubles, а доставка 1500рубблэй!!! Don't believe, you won't be able to withdraw money«Гослото Всероссийская официальная лотерея» это фальшивка! After each payment, scammers will redirect you to new divorce pages, and each time they will extort money under different pretexts.

GG World Lottery: blockchain lottery

All life is a game! Famous winged expression, originated from the pen of the world famous Shakespeare. People naturally love the game.. From the cradle. But the older we get, themes and games are more serious. For our same requests. But now there is real hope, that the game is not only serious and with a serious win, but also honest. After all, when blockchain enters the arena, even the "mosquito" does not fly unnoticed. Therefore, the GG World Lottery!

Like "Russian Lotto", only more honest

Almost every adult Russian, at least once tempt fate in purchasing a lottery ticket. Surely you remember too, how the older generation froze at the TV screens in anticipation of the chosen "barrel" with the coveted number. And similar lotteries are spread all over the world.. People love to tempt fate. Test yourself for "luck". But after all, at times, and the amount of the jackpot hit can guarantee a comfortable future, which further inflames the excitement for the game ... In a word, the game is, really, part of our life, which we cannot ignore ... So no wonder, that the lottery prototype has enthusiasts, who discerned the outstanding modern capabilities of blockchain technology, which may be applicable to the global lottery.

This is how the GG World Lottery crypto project was born on the Ethereum platform., which gives absolute decentralization and confidence in the law of "probable randomness", not a figurehead for the PR of a lottery company. With this project, the developers, in fact, kill two "fat" hares: "No" to fraud (you will not spend a blockchain) and "yes" - legalization, what will give the green light to the development of a global online lottery around the world. Actually, GG World Lottery is not idle and has already launched two sites (www.lottopark.com and www.lottomat.com ),

which confirms the seriousness of her intention to give the lottery a true blockchain flavor, from which she and her admirers will only benefit. No more doubts about fake winnings. Now you can only rely on Maestro Blockchain!"... Well, what about, who has the project token "lying around" in the bins, pants full of joy too, according to the developers, it is quite possible to expect. So real, as the project token itself - GGC.

Lottery token

Yes, the GG World Lottery project is already launching an ICO (with 2 November 2018 on 31 january 2019). For sale presented 375 million GGC tokens from 500 million existing. Price 1 GGC=1 USD. Minimum purchase - from $ 100 ... Honestly, pre-sales are easy - the great interest of lottery users indicates the imminent need to resolve urgent problems, which they directly encounter. As of today, the company has already legalized the lottery in twelve countries and negotiations are continuing in others ... Well, in connection with that, that GG World Lottery has Napoleonic plans to take over the whole world, in particular, in the launch of a television talk show with a non-trivial name - GG World Show, it looks like the dream of a guaranteed fair and secured by the state charter of a global innovative lottery is just around the corner ... And even with the ERC-20 standard.


Learn about the GG World Lottery project - here:

White Paper:


Telegram: https://t.me/gglottery


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6r282jPra2z5mA6A4r55wA

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