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Euromillions fdj : Euromillion draw result and winnings report

How to play EuroMillions online?

Nothing could be simpler and above all more practical. No matter what time of day or where you are, si vous avez décidé de tenter votre chance à l’Euromillions c’est possible en quelques clics ! Certainly, it's quick and simple ... but concretely, how do you play Euromillions online ? In fact, it's already almost done :

First of all, choose your online lottery site – the 4 presented in our reviews are undoubtedly the most popular on the market, and for good reason! Ensuite:

  1. cliquez sur la bannière « Jouez maintenant », s’ouvre alors une page sur le site partenaire que vous aurez choisi.
  2. Choose the number of grids you want to fill,
  3. Click on the 5 numbers on 50 that chance dictates to you, your heart, your favorite strategy or the flash grid generator that all sites offer.
  4. Still choose the 2 additional numbers on 11, les Lucky Stars
  5. Validate after verifying that you have made no mistakes,
  6. Register on the site, choisissez un des modes de paiement agrées, click and that's it.

De manière générale les instructions sont claires et très bien indiquées sur nos sites partenaires qui sont tous en français et tout le procédé ne devrait pas prendre plus de 5 To 10 minutes if you don't hesitate too much about the formulas…

Options and promotions to play EuroMillions online

Sur certains sites pour jouer à l’EuroMillions en ligne, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a "Promotions" page where you can find great bonus offers. : you can for example, with "Bonus Cashback" double your stake for amounts up to 30$ deposit. In fact, this may allow you to play for free a second time - or even more if you deposit 30$ but bet less on EuroMillions. And there is also the possibility of earning even more than 30$, if you deposit 50$, your account will be credited with 80$.

Of course these offers, like online casino welcome bonuses, are intended only for new players on the site, and are subject to withdrawal conditions. No you can't claim this money, but you can play it at EuroMillions, but also to other competing lotteries, comme l’EuroJackpot ou le PowerBall

Finally also think about the options “multi-prints” which allows you to participate in several consecutive draws, Where “group play” (Where “union”) that binds you to a group of players – with which you buy lots of tickets, et avec lesquels il faudra aussi partager les gains. Ces deux options permettent de profiter de réductions souvent très intéressantes et surtout d’augmenter sensiblement vos chances de gains!

New EuroMillions rules 2020

In February 2020, the rules of the Euromillions lottery have been modified and validated by all the different European operators. If these rules do not change the odds of the Euromillions lottery, on the other hand, they modify the way in which the prizes are allocated and distributed.

The earnings of the middle ranks are lowered with the new Euromillions rules of 2020. The share of stakes distributed to the ranks 2 To 13 has been revised downwards for all ranks.

The share of bets in increasing the jackpot (rank n ° 1) has been strengthened, permettant aux cagnottes de grossir plus vite qu’auparavant.

The EuroMillions jackpot cap has been revised upwards for the first time since 2004. The maximum amount of the EuroMillions European lottery is set at 200 millions of euros. Once reached, it could be put into play 5 once in a row and in a subsequent series, the maximum ceiling will be extended by 10 millions of euros, up to maximum 250 millions of euros (10 million euros in 10 millions of euros).

All changes to the Euromillions rules 2020.

How to play Euromillions My Million

To try your luck in the European lottery, several solutions are available to the player. The first being of course the best known : go to an official point of sale to check off his ticket (s), then have them registered in exchange for 2,5 euros per grid. The player also has the option, if he has no inspiration, or simply if he wants to let chance decide until the end, de demander à jouer des grilles dites « flash ». The computer will then select 7 random numbers for each grid. Authorized points of sale are often tobacco shops, but you will also find them at the reception of some shopping malls for example.

The second solution for playing Euromillions is more recent, but attracts more and more players : this is the online game. Simple and secure, this one is reassuring. Indeed, once the somewhat crippling step of registration has been completed (using proof of identity and your RIB), online gambling offers many advantages : the first of course being to be sure not to lose your grid once it is played. Another advantage being that of being able to set up recurring bets, so as not to miss a draw by distraction, or to be notified on his email in case of winning. If this second solution interests you, we invite you to read how to play Euromillions My Million on the internet, our complete guide explaining all the advantages of this method, and assisting you in your registration process.

EuroMillions draw result : the winning combination announced from 9:15 p.m.

The Euromillions lottery draw takes place twice a week. Every Tuesday evening and every Friday evening, the draw takes place behind closed doors in the FDJ studios around 8:40 p.m..

Since 2020, the announcement of these results has been brought forward and it is now possible to follow the results of the draws from 9:15 p.m., followed at 22:00 by the publication of the earnings report in full. These winning combinations are available on our site completely free of charge..

A Euromillions lottery result is made up of 5 correct numbers and 2 good stars, they form the unique winning combination of a single draw.

History of the different publication times of Euromillions results since 2004

Euromillions results date Time of publication of results
2004 To 2014 The results of the Euromillions draws were available from 10:30 p.m. on the Française des Jeux website.. The earnings report was only available from 11:00 p.m..
2014 To 2018 The results of the Euromillions draws were online from 10 p.m. and the publication of the winnings report effective from 10:30 p.m..
2018 To 2020 Draw results available between 9:30 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday evening.
Since January 2020 until today The Euromillions result is online from 9.15 p.m. and the earnings report is available from 10.00 p.m..

Euromillions alert by email : receive the results free of charge every Tuesday and Friday

FAQ / Frequently asked questions about Euromillions results

If you have a few unanswered questions, they may be satisfied by our few questions / answers below devoted to issues related to Euromillions results.

Know that if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write to us via our "about" page.

What is the result of the last Euromillions draw ?

The winning combination of the last Euromillion draw this Friday 22 January 2021 is the following : the numbers 16 47 42 8 44 and the stars 7 and 6. A grid has been a winner in Spain.

When will the next Euromillions My Million draw take place? ?

The next Euromillion draw will take place on Tuesday 26 January 2021. A new pot will offer 17 millions of euros.

Where the Euromillions draw is made ?

France and the FDJ have acquired the drawing rights for the Euromillions at European level. Thereby, every Tuesday and Friday evening, the draw takes place in the studios of the Française des jeux located in Boulogne-Billancourt, not far from the operator's headquarters. The draws are carried out behind closed doors but under the control of a French judicial officer and FDJ draw teams.

What time is the official Euromillions draw ?

The Euromillions draw is broadcast on television. The actual recording of the draw is made at 8:40 p.m. in the FDJ studios. The editing team connects to all other Euromillions participating countries in order to conduct the draw "live".

At what time is the result of a Euromillions draw available ?

The result of a Euromillions draw is available from 9:15 p.m. on the internet and from 9:50 p.m. on TF1. After the announcement of the result, the publication of the full earnings report is available from 10 p.m., it announces in particular the amount of the next jackpot.

Can the Euromillions result be announced late ?

At any rate, the announcement of the Euromillion result is made slightly delayed. However, it happens on certain evenings, especially those with high participation that the time of the draw be shifted from a few minutes to several hours. In these rare cases (1 per year on average), the result of the Euromillions draw in question can only be announced from 11:00 p.m., but without questioning the veracity of the draw.

How can I get the result of the draw by scanning my Euromillions receipt ?

If you've played at a retailer, you can also have the barcode of your Euromillions receipt scanned directly via the FDJ application. Failing to find the result there, you will find the gain associated with your stake.

Winning reports for this Euromillion draw from 22/01/2021 :

Winners FR EU winners Gains
5 1 80 566 353 €
5 1 797 450,90 €
5 2 93 188,70 €
4 4 35 1 658,60 €
4 143 722 148,10 €
3 354 1674 67,50 €
4 301 1599 49,60 €
2 5250 26200 15,10 €
3 7559 36769 12,00 €
3 13971 74683 11,00 €
1 29745 144978 6,80 €
2 118153 563565 5,50 €
2 219576 1133936 4,40 €

Etoile + payout table 22/01/2021

Star + Winners Gains
5 80 566 353 €
5 No winner
5 93 188,70 €
4 No winner
4 50 216,60 €
3 123 77,40 €
4 49,60 €
2 1 857 16,70 €
3 2 734 15,00 €
3 11,00 €
1 10 471 10,40 €
18 761 9,50 €
2 42 195 7,80 €
2 4,40 €
420 764 2,10 €
Winners FR EU winners Gains Star + winners Gains Etoile+
5 1 80 566 353.00 €
5 1 797 450.90 €
5 2 93 188.70 €
4 4 35 1 658.60 €
4 143 722 148.10 € 50 216,60 €
3 354 1 674 67.50 € 123 77,40 €
4 301 1 599 49.60 €
2 5 250 26 200 15.10 € 1 857 16,70 €
3 7 559 36 769 12.00 € 2 734 15,00 €
3 13 971 74 683 11.00 €
1 29 745 144 978 6.80 € 10 471 3.60 €
18 761 9.50 €
2 118 153 563 565 5.50 € 42 195 2.30 €
2 219 576 1 133 936 4.40 €
420 764 2.10 €


Distribution of winners in Europe for this Euromillions draw of 22/01/2021 :

5 1 1
5 1 1
5 1 1 2
4 6 7 4 7 3 8 35
4 54 146 143 30 198 58 93 722
3 135 326 354 54 479 122 204 1 674
4 136 330 301 52 474 111 195 1 599
2 1 910 5 483 5 250 791 7 543 2 115 3 108 26 200
3 2 771 7 467 7 559 1 088 10 483 3 110 4 291 36 769
3 5 898 14 752 13 971 2 482 22 350 6 238 8 992 74 683
1 11 252 29 812 29 745 4 202 41 195 11 741 17 031 144 978
2 42 801 116 230 118 153 16 551 158 424 46 765 64 641 563 565
2 88 755 223 371 219 576 36 660 333 143 96 396 136 035 1 133 936

(The data of the winners are common for Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg)

Additional information for this Euromillions draw of 22/01/2021 :

Draw number 1392
Jackpot amount announced 79 000 000 €
Jackpot amount reached 80 566 353 €
Number of combinations played 27 776 071
Number of winning combinations 1 984 165
Proportion of winning combinations 71 / 1000

EuroMillions and Covid19 : changes during the confinement period

France entered lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis on 16 mars 2020. The end of confinement was announced at 11 May 2020.

During this period, some rules have been changed by la Française des jeux concerning the Euromillions draws. Wishing to maintain the continuity of services, the FDJ maintains all the prints, but modifies the rules for collecting earnings.

A Euromillions grid purchased before 16 March has a validated duration extended to 150 days versus 60 usually.

A Euromillions grid purchased after 16 March has an extended validity period 120 days. So you will have between 4 and 5 months to claim your exceptional earnings.

Broadcast schedule

Originally, only one Euromillions draw was made each week, Friday evenings. It was only since 10 May 2011 that players have seen a second European lottery draw appear each week, done this time on Tuesdays. Nowadays, there are still only two Euromillions draws each week, and the days have not been changed : Tuesdays and Fridays.

Because of its internationality, results and earnings reports are not necessarily disclosed at the same time. However one thing is certain : betting is closed at 8 p.m., in order to allow the various organizing companies to send their bets to la Française des jeux, company centralizing these, and carrying out the draw on its premises.

Each country therefore has its own process and schedule for disseminating the results.. In Belgium for example, we can already discover the amount of the next pot even before the result is revealed, while the opposite is true for Ireland.

In France, the My Million game draw is made around 8:40 p.m. and broadcast on the TF1 channel since 2014 (formerly France 2). The Euromillions draw is broadcast between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. depending on the schedule of television programs.. The results are also published on the official website of the FDJ, and accessible flat on the TF1 channel platform. Find out more about the Euromillions My Million draw times

Euromillions history

Euromillions is a lottery-type game of chance created in 2004 at the initiative of la Française des jeux, the operator in charge of gambling in France. Its first draw is made on 13 February 2004, and then count 3 founding countries : France, the United Kingdom and Spain. It wasn't until a few months later, the 8 October 2004 exactly, that 6 other participating countries that we know today are joining the adventure : Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and finally Switzerland, for a total of 9 pays.

Because of its internationality, the winnings of this European lottery are payable in three different currencies : the Euro, the pound sterling and the Swiss franc. However, the common jackpots are made up in euros, the organizing companies being in charge of converting these currencies, as well as possible exchange risks until the award ceremony, making sure you have the necessary provisions.

Originally, the price of a Euromillions grid was set at 2 euros. However, three of the organizing companies have chosen to add an additional draw associated with the European lottery and exclusive to their country, by the way increasing the cost of taking a stake. The first company to add an exclusive print to their country is Ireland. In June 2007, celle-ci lance le « Euromillions Plus », which offers players an additional chance to win the sum of 500 000 euros. This option is optional, and does not necessarily influence the price of a grid for a player.

The second to take this initiative is England, who in november 2009 décide de lancer le « Millionnaire Raffle », raising the price of its grids from 1,5 To 2 books. France will follow on the same concept 5 years later, by launching the My Million game on 4 February 2014, making when it passes the price of its grids of 2 To 2,5 euros. These two games are very similar, namely to couple an additional draw to the usual draw, this automatically making a guaranteed millionaire in his country. These last two are both mandatory, and have therefore changed the price of a Euromillions grid in their respective countries.

Each grid played at Euromillions is equivalent to one chance in 139 million to hit the jackpot, and in the latest version of the game, the player at 93 chances on 100 not to reimburse his stake. So to speak a player is more likely to be struck by lightning twice in his life than to win the jackpot.. It is this difficulty, coupled with the number of players (214 million at the latest statistics) which push the earnings to be so high, also often put into play, and therefore to attract more and more lust.

Euromillions statistics : analysis of the numbers fallen in the different draws

If the statistics of any lottery do not offer a clear and precise view of the numbers that will come out for subsequent draws, ils offrent toutefois une première approche des numéros considérés comme « en forme » et d’autres numéros considérés plutôt comme « froid ».

In the European Euromillions lottery as with any other lottery, you too can enjoy analyzing draw statistics in a comprehensive way to learn more about numbers and lucky stars from 2004, the creation of the Euromillions.

Release statistics by number, it tells you how many times a number has fallen since the game was created.

Statistics of maximum deviations and current deviations, this is to tell you the state of health of a number and the time it has not appeared for the longest time.

Statistics of outings during 10 and 30 last prints, these indicate whether the number is hot or not.

Toutes les statistiques Euromillions par numéro.

My Million draw result : winning code online at 8:50 p.m.

During EuroMillions My Million evenings since 2014, the French raffle is invited by distributing a prize of 1 million euros for a French player.

This winning is guaranteed and the My Million raffle has already awarded more than 800 players in France in 6 years of prints.

Every Tuesday and Friday evening, the winning code is drawn electronically from 8:20 p.m. on the premises of the FDJ under the supervision of a bailiff. The winning My Million code is then broadcast at 8:50 p.m. for an announcement of the result online on, and the MyTF1 site.

Below, follow the hours of the My Million draw results :

My Million Draw Time Description of the My Million event
20h20 official draw of the My Million code at the premises of la Française des jeux.
20h50 dissemination of the My Million draw results on TF1 and on
  • My Million : information on the French raffle
  • All My Million raffle results

Conditions for playing Euromillions online

  • To be able to play Euromillions, you must have more than 18 years regardless of the country where tickets are sold, with the exception of the United Kingdom where the minimum age is set at 16 years.
  • You have to choose a combination of 5 main numbers and 2 numéros complémentaires : les Lucky Star.
  • You must check the 5 numbers in a number grid ranging from 1 To 50 and the 2 Lucky Stars numbers in the number grid that goes from 1 To 11.
  • A ticket is a winner from 2 bons numéros.

With each Euromillions draw, the balls are pulled by two different machines, l’une pour le tirage des 5 main numbers and the other for 2 lucky stars numbers. As a result, you understand, a number between 1 and 11 can fall 2 times, once as the main number and 1 times as Lucky star number.

Finally, remember that there is 2 prints per week, le mardi et le vendredi. Lorsque vous jouez en ligne sur l’un de nos sites partenaires, you are systematically informed in the event of a win, you just have to wait for the next draw!

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