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Kino Results

Two large lottery companies operate in Chile: the Chilean Polla de Beneficencia and the Concepción Lottery. We will talk about the first one later. The Concepción Lottery operates from 1921 when it was founded with the aim of raising funds for different charitable causes.

Among the games organized by this company we have the Kino, At Fin Le Achunté, Kino 5, among others. The Kino is its most popular draw and also the one that distributes the most money in case of winning since it works under a poceada modality, that is to say, if there are no winners then the prize is accumulated until there are any and the accumulated total is distributed.

To participate you must choose 14 numbers of 1 al 25. The jackpot winner is the one who guesses the 14 numbers, There are also other awards from the 13 until the 10 numbers. In each draw the Rekino is also played, which is a second chance with the numbers that we have already played..

If you want to check the results of the Kino you can do it directly on our page after each draw where you can also access the historical file of results and the statistical data of which are the numbers that come out the most and those that come out the least to design strategies.

We also invite you to read our review of the Kino where you can learn more about this popular raffle.

Loto Chile

As we mentioned in the previous section, two companies operate in Chile, which have the duopoly for the organization of games of chance in the country.. In this case we will be talking about the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia, a company with more than 80 years in the Chilean market.

The cock, how is he known colloquially, organize some popular games like lotto, Lotto 3 and streak. The Lotto is one of the easiest to play and offers different ways to win in its three weekly draws: Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays at 21:00.

What's more, One of the peculiarities of the Loto is that it offers complementary draws such as Rematch, Retaliation, Now Yes, Yes and Jubilazo where participating for an extra amount we can access different prizes. One of the most interesting is the Retirement with which we can earn a salary during 20 years.

The results of the Loto Chile are published moments after each draw on our website where you will also have at your disposal the historical file of both the lotto and its complementary draws and statistical data. in addition, You will also have access to valuable information about how to play the Loto Chile and how the draws are carried out.

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