Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling

Game in Kotor

The combination of medieval architecture and modern entertainment gives Kotor its flavor. It's good to walk along its streets in the evening after an active beach holiday., sit in a cafe and taste the national Montenegrin cuisine. You can try your luck at several casinos in Montenegro, where the slot machines are installed, card tables, roulette.

Gambling establishments in Kotor:

  • Automaton Club ROYAL, Old city. Specializes in automatic slot machines, pleasant atmosphere, employees know Russian. Work with 11:00 in the morning.
  • Casino Pasha. The restaurant is open, there is live music, piano accompaniment. Nice and calm environment, good service staff. Closes in 11:00.

This type of recreation is not developed in Kotor.. For a good game, you can drive to Budva or Podgorica. There you can rent a villa or apartment for a day.


Неотъемлемой частью каждого путешествия является покупка подарков себе и близким. В Черногории вы найдете большое разнообразие сувениров, которые можно приобрести на память о чудесной поездке.

Из гастрономических товаров следует обратить внимание на местные вина и фруктовую водку «ракию», а также различные травяные и ореховые настойки, delicious smoked ham, domestic goat, овечьи и коровьи сыры, отличные маринованные оливки и оливковое масло

Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling

The capa headdress will be an original national souvenir, который представляет собой шапочку круглой формы с красным верхом. The capa can be decorated with the country's coat of arms or a double-headed eagle. В туристических лавках вы также можете найти вручную расшитые национальным узором скатерти, napkins, полотенца и прочее.

Opening hours of shops: with 06:00—09:00 to 21:00.


Несмотря на то что черногорская кухня — сочетание блюд многих стран, она все же обладает своим особым колоритом. Больше всего на нее оказали влияние Турция, Bulgaria, Italy, Албания и Греция. Main ingredients of Montenegrin cuisine: meat, морепродукты и овощи. Moreover, национальными блюдами считаются уже и пицца, и паста, и некоторые другие итальянские яства, а болгарское влияние выражено в салате Шопска, в мясном блюде Кюфте и в мусаке (which, however, also considered Greek).

Из типично черногорских — вяленая ветчина Пршут, Cheese Cream, ear Ryblya Chorba, рыба на мангале, колбаски Чевапи и некоторые другие блюда.

Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling

В черногорской кухне, как и в сербской, the rule is”one dish”, that's why the portions are huge, so that the visitor can eat right away. That's why, оказавшись в черногорском ресторане, order one thing, since the second, most likely, в вас уже не влезет.

На десерт у черногорцев преобладает выпечка с фруктовой начинкой (местные пекарни изготавливают отличные булочки и хлеб), вафли и пончики.

Из напитков предпочитаются кофе по-турецки, а также морсы и лимонады. Среди алкоголя на первом месте, unequivocally, вино — красное Вранац и белое Крстач, followed by rakiya, сливовица и местное пиво Никшичко.

Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling

How much money do you need to take for a vacation in Montenegro?

All people are different, the usual level of comfort and spending for them will be different. That's why, at first we will very roughly orient by the amount, and then we will describe in detail what and how much will have to be spent.

How much money should you take to Montenegro for vacation?

There is a very simple way to estimate the amount, which you will spend in the country. Least, you need to take with you half of the cost of your voucher for each person. If you fly on your own, you can count the price of flight and accommodation.

That is, если летите вдвоем и тур стоил 1500 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 1500 euro = 1320 dollars; 1500 euro = 112500 rubles; 1500 euro = 46500 hryvnia; 1500 euro = 3750 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate. для комфортного и интересного отдыха лучше взять с собой минимум еще 1500 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 1500 euro = 1320 dollars; 1500 euro = 112500 rubles; 1500 euro = 46500 hryvnia; 1500 euro = 3750 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate.. If you take more, it's not bad either..

If you have booked excursions or car rental in advance, prepayment can be deducted from the total amount.

Let's roughly estimate the order of the amounts:

  • Бюджетный отдых будет стоить от 20 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 20 euro = 17.6 dollars; 20 euro = 1500 rubles; 20 euro = 620 hryvnia; 20 euro = 50 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate. per day per person. Это примерно от 150 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 150 euro = 132 dollars; 150 euro = 11250 rubles; 150 euro = 4650 hryvnia; 150 euro = 375 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate. for a week. This is the very, very minimum, at which rest can already be considered as such. Лучше взять с собой 200-300 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 200 euro = 176 dollars; 200 euro = 15000 rubles; 200 euro = 6200 hryvnia; 200 euro = 500 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate. per person for a week.
  • Средний отдых будет стоить от 50 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 50 euro = 44 dollars; 50 euro = 3750 rubles; 50 euro = 1550 hryvnia; 50 euro = 125 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate. per day per person. Это примерно от 350 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 350 euro = 308 dollars; 350 euro = 26250 rubles; 350 euro = 10850 hryvnia; 350 euro = 875 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate. for a week. You can already go to restaurants here., and it's ok to see the country.
  • Комфортный отдых будет стоить от 70 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 70 euro = 61.6 dollars; 70 euro = 5250 rubles; 70 euro = 2170 hryvnia; 70 euro = 175 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate. per day per person. Это примерно от 500-1000 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 500 euro = 440 dollars; 500 euro = 37500 rubles; 500 euro = 15500 hryvnia; 500 euro = 1250 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate. for a week. With such a budget, you can already eat in good restaurants., always take sun loungers on the beach, go on excursions or rent a car.

All amounts above are indicated "per person". If you are flying on vacation together, don't forget to multiply them by two. And if you are resting with a child, you can safely multiply even by three.

Of course, you can spend absolutely any amount. So the wisest thing is to take just that much money with you., how much are you willing to pay for your vacation. Then just bring the excess home.

We have never traveled very richly in Montenegro., когда за день легко тратится больше 500 евроКУРС ЕВРО: 500 euro = 440 dollars; 500 euro = 37500 rubles; 500 euro = 15500 hryvnia; 500 euro = 1250 Belarusian rubles The exchange rate and prices may not be accurate.. But even tourists with such opportunities will definitely have something to do here..

Total information

Wikipedia describes Montenegro as a small state, its location on the world map - Southeast Europe, west of the Balkan Peninsula. His education took place quite recently., v 2006 year.

It owes its name to the mountainous terrain. by the way, international name of the country - Montenegro, which translates into Russian as "black mountain".

Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling

The picture shows Montenegro on a map of Europe and the world. The capital of this country is Podgorica.

For those who like to swim, it will be useful to find out before leaving for Montenegro, what sea washes it. The world map shows clearly, that the only sea in this state is the Adriatic.

Montenegro is geographically represented by three parts:

  • the most extensive coast of the Adriatic Sea;
  • a relatively flat central part of the country with two large cities - Podgorica and Niksic;
  • mountain ranges, which are majestically located on the east side.

14 sea ​​islands and the largest bay of Boka Kotorska make up the state of Montenegro. A huge share of the country's rivers are related to the Black Sea basin, the rest is the Adriatic Sea. The largest lake in Montenegro - Skadar, it is distinguished by its purity and beauty, 2/3 it's in the country itself, a 1/3 enters the possession of Albania.

Serbian is spoken here, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Albanian and other languages. Tourists from Russia do not need to be shy, that they will not be understood, Montenegrins also know Russian very well.

Places, where to relax and resorts

Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling

Few remember, what seas in Montenegro. As already noted, this is the Adriatic Sea - the cleanest sea without man-made impurities.

Resorts are located very compactly in the Adriatic zone with beaches. They are convenient, their location is closed bays, so the winds are not scary here, and they are also characterized by a variety of pebble-like coatings, fine sand. The best seaside resorts are those, whose location is the Budva Riviera and the Bay of Kotor.

The most memorable places are:

  • Budva;
  • Kotor;
  • Sutomore.

Let's talk about them in more detail.


Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling
hectic nightlife

For lovers of excursions, the old part of Budva will be a treasure trove of various famous cultural monuments and monasteries, built according to old technologies. Budva is a springboard for a paragliding site.


Another resort, noteworthy, the bay of Kotor. She owes it, due to its picturesqueness. This resort is also featured on the map.

Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling


This resort is suitable for couples with children and divers. This is because, that the port of Bar, which is located nearby - the cemetery of the lost ships. It's very interesting to explore their remains.. The surroundings of this city will allow you to get acquainted with the watchtowers. The location of the city will help you find the map.

Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling

so, Montenegro is a great place to stay, but before going there, you need to find out information about the location and the main language of the country.

Where to play in Podgorica

In the capital of Montenegro, the gambling business is large. Here are the halls and playgrounds. Selecting rates - 5-100 Euro. There are few tourists, that's why the locals play. Advantage - there is a casino in Montenegro with a minimum entry threshold. You can go with 10-40 €.

Montenegro: what you need to know before traveling

Gambling clubs in Podgorica:

  • Merit. Boulevard of St. Peter of Montenegro, 2. Decorated in a classic style, with traditional paintings. There are several rows of gameinators, roulette. the entrance is free, rates - 10 Euro.
  • Montenegro. Located in the hotel of the same name, guests and residents of the hotel complex can play.

There are different types of casinos in Montenegro - from roulettes to gaming machines. For a good game, you need to follow the rules - do not fight with the staff, to be sober, smoke only in special places.

Is gambling business legal in Norway??

Only two state-owned companies are engaged in gambling in Norway. Only some areas of the gambling business are allowed in the country. Wherein, Norway is known for professional poker players. Annette Obrestad has recently become famous (Annette Obrestad) - woman and youngest player, ever won a World Series of Poker bracelet.

A brief history of Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto

As already said, two state-owned companies control the entire gambling business in Norway. This is Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto.

Montenegro: what you need to know before travelingPhoto source: News of Gambling

Norwegian gambling

Norsk Tipping is a lottery company headquartered in Hamar (Soon). The firm offers a wide range of lotteries, sports and instant games. It is run by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, which defines, how much time and money can Norwegians spend on gambling.

The company was founded in 1948 year. Her profits go to the development of Norwegian sports and culture. When it was founded, only football sweepstakes functioned in the country. The block of shares was owned by three owners:

  • state – 40%;
  • Norwegian Sports Federation – 40%;
  • Norwegian Football Association – 20%.

V 1993 year the state acquired 100% Aktion Norsk Tipping.

The company's website was launched in 1999 year. In November 2005 the company entered the mobile phone market.

Norsk Tipping offers the following games:

  • gambling: Lotto, Viking Lotto, Keno, Joker;
  • skill games: Tipping, The odds;
  • Flax scratch game;
  • TV game Extra.

The listed games require registration and a special payment card. Only those online games are legal, offered by Norsk Tipping.

Norsk Rikstoto

Norsk Rikstoto - second, which deals exclusively with horse racing in Norway. It is founded 24 september 1982 of the year, to legally run a tote called V6.

The organization was co-founded by the Norwegian Trotting Association and the Norwegian Jockey Club. Norsk Rikstoto is headquartered in Oslo.

V 1996 year the company received the right to conduct all the sweepstakes in the country. For a long time, its own TV channel Rikstoto Direkte has been operating. Conditional 3,7% the annual income of the enterprise goes to the state.

Of all types of sweepstakes in Norway, only horse racing betting is allowed.. There are six tracks for trotting and one for gallop in the country..

Montenegro – second Las Vegas

The main feature of Montenegro – inexpensive vacation. Many tourists come here not only for this, to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, see the sights, swim in the sea and sunbathe, but also visit the casino, and there are a lot of them in Montenegro.

In this country, at the legislative level, there are ideal conditions for the development of the gambling business.. The government of Montenegro has provided comfortable conditions not only for operators, but also for the players themselves. There are more than five hundred casinos in this country, therefore it is a gambling paradise. This attracts many tourists to the country of mountains., and, hence, state budget revenues are growing. This figure is actively growing every year..

Now let's get to know the most popular gambling establishments in Montenegro. They are so different from others, что их иногда сравнивают с городскими достопримечательностями.

Choose a casino in Montenegro

Many travel companies organize special casino tours, the essence of which is, to attract as many players as possible to visit casinos in Montenegro.

Acquaintance with gambling establishments:

Casino "Podgorica"

It is located in the capital of the country.

Feel like an elite and a player in the Avala casino, which works in the city of Budva. Дорогая и роскошная атмосфера и обслуживание на самом высоком уровне и другие прекрасные моменты обеспечивают отличное времяпрепровождение и уникальную атмосферу.Казино «Котор» также поможет вам объединить отдых и азартные игры.В этом городе есть еще одно интересное место, for example a hotel complex, who runs the WIN casino.

The city of Budva is not a gambling Mecca, no wonder, since the city has the status of a Spa. Popular, except for "Avala", are such casinos, as Queen of Montenegro, Saint Stephen and the Maestral, which always have a sufficient number of players. У каждого игорного заведения есть свой собственный стиль и выделить лучшее довльно сложно.

Instructions for filling out the participant's questionnaire

If you are familiar with English (and where without him so, who is going to the USA?), then download detailed instructions from the US Government website. All relevant information is contained here., so when filling out it is better to be guided by it. If with English (while) you are tight, then you can use a translator - this is quite enough, to understand the instructions.

Moreover, you will need an electronic photograph of 51x51 mm (600х600 pixels) in JPEG format and "weight" no more 240 KB. Изображение с сайта

When filling out the questionnaire, you must provide full information about the lottery participant (Part One — Entrant Information):

If the spouse(and) and you have no children, then this completes the questionnaire. Send an application for consideration and, fingers crossed for luck, waiting for the draw, which will take place next spring. For applicants with family and children, you must fill out the second part with complete information about the family. Here everything is done by analogy with the first part of the questionnaire..

When all the required items are completed (and filled in correctly), then you will be redirected to the confirmation page, where the participant's identification number will be indicated. It will subsequently be possible to check the results of the lottery.

Winning the lottery does not exempt the winner from the need to issue permits and pass an interview. Изображение с сайта

To fill out the questionnaire is allocated 30 minutes of time, if you did not meet this period, have to start all over again. And remember - only Latin letters!

Features of the gambling legislation of Norway

The age limit for gambling is 18 years. Topics, who is under this age, only scratch cards allowed. Interesting, that citizens are allowed to hold gambling parties at home - until then, until it turns into business.

The government is systematically trying to oust foreign companies from the Norwegian market. In June 2010 years, the authorities approved the law, according to which all Norwegian banks are not allowed to service credit and debit cards, used in land-based and online casinos around the world.

Players are required to submit tax returns on winnings, received outside Norway.

How Norwegian lotteries are regulated?

Lottery and other gambling in Norway has always been very strictly regulated. According to the Norwegian code from 1902 of the year, only those games were legal, which were offered by holders of special licenses of competent organizations. Consequently, in fact, the games were banned, and illegal operators were punished harshly.

Legislative acts, which followed later, slightly softened the situation:

  • V 1927 Totalisator Act was released;
  • V 1992 – Gaming Act;
  • V 1995 – Lottery Act.

These laws gave the state a monopoly on the gambling business.. Act 1927 years laid the foundation for the legalization of horse racing, controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture. Normative act 1992 gave Norsk Tipping exclusive lottery and football betting rights. The Ministry of Culture and Church acts as a supervisory authority..

Act 1995 year was more general and described all types of lotteries and games. He allowed social institutions to organize gambling, for the benefit of society.

How slot machines are controlled?

Total revenue from slot machines grew at the following pace:

  • 1990 - ENOUGH 200 million (USD 24,32 billion);
  • 2001 - ENOUGH 9 billion (USD 1,09 billion);
  • 2004 - ENOUGH 26 billion (USD 3,16 billion).

V 2004 year, slot machines brought 64% revenue "on the ground" and 43% online revenue. This growth was due to the fact, that slots were poorly regulated by law. The Lottery Act gave only charitable organizations the right to gamble. But, wherein, he did not forbid private companies to cooperate with these organizations, place slot machines and share the proceeds.

Beginning with 2002 years, the Norwegian authorities began to take action. They began to limit the number of machines, since along with the growth of the industry, the number of gambling problems has also increased, for example, gambling addiction. The Norwegian government has completely banned slot machines in 2007 year. V 2009 year, interactive video terminals appeared – new shape of slots. To play them, special card required.

Montenegro – this is a paradise for players

So for some reason, many players prefer Montenegro, than the more famous gambling establishments? Like all shiny, the secret is pretty simple. And this is that, that no matter, which casino do you visit, you will be provided with a high quality elite level of service, comfortable atmosphere, in which you will have a great opportunity to disconnect from all problems.

The assortment on offer at the Montenegro casino is impressive. In their free time from the game, all players will find interesting jobs. This journey, sightseeing, swimming in the sea, outdoor activities and more. Many wealthy people book charter flights once a week., to go to Montenegro, to play at local casinos.

  • Book your accommodation
  • Rent a Car
  • Transfers
  • Flights
  • Insurance

Internet entertainment in Montenegro

Since the laws of Montenegro welcome any gambling, online games in the country are also very popular. I would like to note the fact, that the number of registered virtual gaming institutions in Montenegro was second only to Malta. All of them are focused on the European market and provide a wide range of different slots, roulette, card games.

Отличительной особенностью онлайн-казино в Черногории является их высокое качество и очень сложные платформы, where they work. Online casino game servers are located throughout the country, so huge opportunities are used by both players, and investors.

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