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MSW Lotto

“Lotto on Monday and Wednesday” – traditional Australian lottery, played in all states and territories. She started her life as a New South Wales game, run by the New South Wales Lotteries since its first draw 5 November 1979 of the year. Her current logo (promoted in its home state) has a big red loto ball with one. NSW Lotto was the only Australian lottery, which was played in the state before the introduction of Oz Lotto in 1994 year – New South Wales became the last state, joining “Saturday lotto” v 2000 year.

NSW Lotto began expanding its expansion to other states with 1 May 2006 of the year, when commission lotteries in South Australia and Western Australia started selling tickets, displacing SA Lotto from this region. WITH 13 october 2008 Years Tattersall began to produce “Lotto on Monday and Wednesday” on its territory, having previously lost the right to run the Tattslotto game.

In South Australia, this game is known as X Lotto – its historical brand in this region. The title was returned from 17 May 2010 of the year – date, when the new lottery system was introduced, one of the changes of which was the ability to recognize crosses again (as opposed to vertical markings) on the lotto entry form.

Speaking about the characteristics of the Australian lottery MSW Lotto, it's worth mentioning, that since April 2004 year it was identical to Saturday lotto: six winning numbers and two additional numbers are made up of 45 balls, and five winning parts are identical to each other. The records are $ 0,55 for the game + agent commission.

The biggest jackpot ever

The top Australian lottery result to date is the largest Australian jackpot of all time., won during the Oz Lotto draw from 6 November 2012 of the year, when four winners split the jackpot by 111 972 151,04 dollar.

Prior to that, the Oz Lotto jackpot was 106 million dollars, was won in 2009 year and split between the two winners.

At the same time, the highest jackpot with one winner belongs to the Australian Powerball Lotto. Its cost was 40 million dollars.

Australian lotteries

While the odds of hitting the Saturday lotto are eight million to one, also in 2009 year 27 lucky ones guessed the correct numbers (2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 23, additional numbers 26 and 41) and shared the winnings.

Die, resurrect and win the lottery

While some are breaking the laws of fate, winning lotteries twice or even three times, others die, come back to life and the first thing… also win the lottery. It may sound incredible, but, at least, one such case is documented. Truly precisely because of such stories, like this, Australian lotteries continue to be so popular.

Bill Morgan was a simple trucker, and one day, delivering valuable cargo, he got into a traffic accident. Critically ill Morgan was given medicine, which caused a negative reaction of the body, provoking a heart attack, which ended with clinical death for the trucker. It lasted, truth, Total 14 minutes.

He later spent 12 days in a coma, after which I woke up, filled with an unprecedented thirst for life and new achievements. He immediately proposed to his girlfriend, and she agreed, making Bill the happiest person in the world. In honor of this, he decided to buy a lottery ticket…

When Morgan won a new car in the lottery, local news showed an unprecedented interest in him. They asked him to repeat the purchase of a lottery ticket, and Morgan agreed, after which he immediately won a huge amount of 250 000 dollars – and it all got on camera!


The original game was exactly the same, like Saturday lottery, demanding, so that six numbers are selected from 45. but, beginning with 18 october 2005 of the year, dialed the seventh, significantly increasing the chances of winning the first prize. In line with this change, Oz Lotto branding has changed in many states, to emphasize the presence of the seventh ball (including the change of names to such, like the OZ Lotto Super 7 in Tutts and Oz 7 Lotto in Queensland). However, since 2012 of the year the game reverted to Oz Lotto branding in these regions. Oz Lotto guarantees a minimum prize pool of 2 million dollars, which is less, than in American and British lotteries, but not bad too.

Oz Lotto currently holds the record for the largest Australian lottery jackpot. It was originally guaranteed in the amount of 100 million US dollars, four winners split the division pull 1 at the rate of 111 972 151,04 USD in the drawing 6 November 2012 of the year.

How to play

To win the first division, the player needs to have all the correct numbers in his game, and also choose the correct Powerball. With automatic selection, the computer randomly distributes six numbers between the players, as well as a Powerball for each payline. In this kind of Australian lottery, cheating is simply impossible., because everything is determined by the computer system.

13 april 2018 the Powerball format was changed to 7 regular balls, which spontaneously emerge from the trunk 35, as well as a Powerball, which randomly emerge from the trunk 20 (initially 6 balls randomly appeared from the barrel 40). The new format contains nine sections, increasing the chances of winning the overall premium (initially 1 from 78 for one game), but decreasing the chances of winning the jackpot (initially 1 from 76 767 600 for one game).

Top Australian Lottery Winners

The likelihood of winning the lottery one day may seem too fantastic, but for a few lucky Australians, even that was not enough, and so they won twice!

In February 2015 year there was a message about a group of accomplices, who managed to win two separate dividend prizes worth 866 108 US dollars, taking the combined winnings of more than 1,7 million dollars or 157 474 US dollars, in the case of their separation between each of 11 group members.

Not a bad result, especially considering, that the second ticket was actually bought by accident – the informal leader of their group actually intended to buy tickets for two separate draws.

V 2013 there were three such incidents: one person from Brisbane and two people from Melbourne managed to defy fate, by winning the Saturday lotto twice. A man from Brisbane played his regular numbers after buying a ticket, but then I forgot, whether he did it or not, and so went back to the game again. The result was two wins totaling 820 000 dollars – Total 1,64 million dollars!

Melbourne woman wins two jackpots in Saturday lotto, earning $ 835,149.68.

In April 2013 year in the newspapers appeared the headlines of one person from Melbourne, who won the lotto twice in six weeks. The first win allowed him to help pay off the mortgage, and he allocated the second one to renovate the house – in total he won 1,2 million dollars.

V 2008 another man from Victoria, who wished to remain anonymous, managed to achieve impossible lotto win three times in a row!

Finally, we come to a heartbreaking story about a man, which is, perhaps, lucky person in Australian lottery history.

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